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As a mompreneur myself, I bet it's safe to say that there are two things that every mom in business wishes for: more time and more money. Am I right?

We crave more quality time for the things we love like family, friends, travel and hobbies that trying to balance demands become overwhelming leading to a perpetual struggle with feeling like you are being pulled into too many directions. We desire more money so we can outsource areas we don't have time for or are not our strengths, run ads, hire a housekeeper and everything else in between. And while having more money is great, it's wasted if we don't know how to properly spend or invest in the right areas to grow our business. But the reality? It's often hard to balance everything when you're enthralled in the day to day tasks of building or scaling a business. If there never seems to be enough hours in the day, join the club. When we don't properly manage our time with goals and systems in place, it can lead to one bad habit after another that will eat away at all the precious time we do have. Running a business requires wearing many hats while not losing sight of the importance of constantly working to increase skills sets and personal growth for those who have aggressive goals to scale up a business from 5 to 6 figures and 6 to 7 figures. To achieve these kind of results, you need to create a plan, take consistent and specific action while staying persistent no matter what obstacles you face by leveraging together these three powerful strategies to scale up your business, Emerge, Expand and Excel.

1. EMERGE To successfully scale up your business it's important to not only have tools and processes in place but the right ones that will help you emerge as an expert in your field. As a mompreneur myself raising two boys and running a busy household, I know all too well the struggles other moms in business face. I draw from this area of my life to build trust with my audience. One of the best ways to emerge in your niche as a person who knows their stuff is to lead with your experiences and expertise. Whatever business you’re building whether that be as a life coach, freelance business consultant, a photographer or web designer, your ability to draw from your life experiences, training and education will demonstrate that you are a trustworthy resource worth following. There are a number of specific ways you can present your knowledge where your ideal prospects are most likely to seek out the kind of information you have and will share. For a photographer seeking local clients a chamber of commerce presentation to new business owners about the importance of branded head shots for social media marketing might be the best avenue. For a business consultant working with clients all over the country, writing a blog with tips to help this audience can be a great practice to reach potential clients.

2. EXPAND The second phase of scaling up your business is to expand your expertise and build solid partnerships. From my experience in both the corporate world as an executive and leader to running a successful coaching business, doing business is a lot more fun and powerful when you put collaboration over competition. By collaborating with other professionals, you can offer more value and support to your customers and clients. We can't possibly serve everyone so instead of passing on a project that is not in your wheelhouse, you can earn money by working together with a partner who is an expert and good fit. This allows you to expand your reach into their networks while avoiding biting off more than you can chew. By partnering with others, you can work smarter, rather than harder. Another way to expand and scale up your business is to join or partner with other affiliate programs for apps and software that you use and recommend to your clients. This is a great way to earn residual income every time you recommend a product or service that has made a difference in your business.

3. EXCEL To excel in your business, it requires a consistent focus on achieving high-level results through specific strategies and processes you master over time to thrive for the long-term. You have to avoid spreading yourself too thin on tasks and areas of your business that do not leverage your expertise or chasing shiny objects because a guru said it was the greatest new tool but is not the right fit for your business or goals and instead reign in your time and energy to spend it on areas of your business that are shown to work and produce results over and over. Are you working to scale up your business? Are you ready to let go and let God lead you? Are you ready to step up to live the life God had planned for you? (Jeremiah 29:11) Learn more about Live Into Your Calling

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