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I resisted it for a long time. Literally and figuratively running away from the reality of it.

Admitting I am an amateur seemed weak, desperate, and lonely. Definitely not a way to grow business.

Then as I settled into this reality that I am still practicing and learning how to coach. I cannot get past that fact. And much like being in a library full of knowledge, I realized the more I coach and get coached, the more I’m aware of how much I don’t know about coaching.

I thought, “Hmmm…how do I manage this? This is career suicide.”

Well, maybe not.

What if my perception of what an amateur is all wrong?

What if I embrace being an amateur?

What if by doing so it allows me to see beyond what isn’t yet known and then I can actually see what I am missing?

I took a deep breath and decided I had nothing to lose. I was alone at home, working and a simple web search wouldn't become public knowledge.

With minutes my search rendered this amazing insight. I absolutely love how this article by C.M. Blackwood describes the word amateur.

Now, the word “amateur” is most times thought to mean, “a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity.”

However — the word is actually derived from the Latin amare, which means “to love.” Then, we have the Latin amator, or “lover.” Fast-forwarding, we have the Italian and French for “lover,” amatore and amateur respectively. So, really — amateur just means lover. Its connotations of a “dabbler” only date from around 1786.

Here are three other lovely definitions for the word amateur.

1. A person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than financial benefit or professional reasons.

2. An athlete who has never competed for payment or for a monetary prize.

3. A person who admires something: devotee; fan.

So, to all my fellow independent authors — when someone calls you an amateur, thinking that they’re hurting your feelings, or just making you feel like you’re not as good as someone else, respond THIS WAY!

“YES — I am an AMATEUR! But that only means that I love what I do, and I don’t do it because I’m a money-grubbing pig!”

We must be careful with our words. They have POWER!

I sighed with relief. My resistance to what I had been taught about the word amateur was all wrong. And by owning this fact, I am now uncovering beautiful and wonderful hidden truths and insights that most coaches (in my personal experience) are afraid to speak about because it will make them look inexperienced.

As the weeks unfold you will see a series of posts on here from me about these hidden truths and insights. Until then, remember our maker created you in His image. This means there is beauty in every part of who you are.

Own it. Experience it. Release it.

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