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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Photo Credit: Michael Heuser on Unsplash

"There is no passion to be found playing small--in settling for a life

that is less than the one you are capable of living."

-Nelson Mandela

You've been asked the "So, what do you do?" question countless times. You may even break out in a cold sweat or dread networking meetings because you don't feel entirely confident in how you share what you do as a mompreneur but if I had to guess, it probably goes down something like this:

New acquaintance: “So, what do you do for work?”

You: “I have my own business.”

New acquaintance: “Cool. Doing what?”

You: “I am a Life Coach”

New acquaintance: “Cool.”

And just like that the conversation is dead in the water. Sound familiar?

A pretty stale exchange not only for the person you are talking to but for you as well because it doesn’t tell them anything about you as a person, your aspirations or abilities. It does little to convey what you stand for or what your core values are.

Imagine for a moment what this conversation would look like instead if you offered up what you believed in as a person?

New acquaintance: “So, what do you do for work?”

You: “I empower women."

New acquaintance: “Awesome! Sounds cool, tell me more!”

You: “I help women and moms discover their true selves, to push beyond what they believe is possible for themselves so they can step into the type of life they have always wanted. I believe everyone has something beautiful and powerful to offer the world, they just need someone like me to help them uncover it."

New acquaintance: “I would love to learn more and share my goals with you. When can we schedule a time to talk?”

The conversation shifted from a stale, conventional and uninteresting introduction to an engaging discussion where the door was organically opened for two people to actually dive deeper and get to know something valuable about one another.

So I want to challenge you to think about your work and life in this way. Instead of sharing what you do, share why you are doing it. Why it drives your passion and purpose in life. Start today so you never have to dread another introduction or skip a networking event because you aren't confident in how you present yourself.

Write out what you want your answer to be. If you’re not there yet, keep trying. If you are…own it. Share it with the world. Here is a guide to help you get started:

"I help __________________________________ (describe your ideal client)

to ______________________________________________ (the urgent problem you solve for them) so they can ________________________________________ (the end result you want them to experience)"

Once you have this nailed down don't just stop there. Update your website, your Facebook fan page about section, your Instagram and LinkedIn bios. Create a consistent message through out your brand.

Was this helpful? Be sure to leave me a comment and share with me your new improved, powerful, compelling and purpose driven elevator pitch, I would love to hear from you!

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