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  • I require booking at least 45 to 60 days in advance. Anything within a 30-day window is subject to a rush fee (40% upcharge).  

  • As a small business, I require a deposit of 10% to schedule out the time on my calendar. If you cancel within 3 business days of providing a deposit and it’s outside of 60 days, it is fully refundable. If you cancel after three days there is a fee applied. 


  • Payments made by credit card will carry an upcharge for credit card processing fees (generally, 4%).  

  • Payment schedule:  40% of the total services fee is due no later than 15 days before the scheduled event. Otherwise, you will be rescheduled or cancelled and a fee will be applied. 

  • The remaining 50% is due no later than 3 business days after the last scheduled session, or the agreed to date by Kendra Dahlstrom Leadership and the client.  


  • I understand there are extenuating circumstances in life that are outside of our control. For this reason, I do offer an in-person or standalone virtual training make-up training option for those who miss at 50% ($1500pp).  

  • For series trainings, each person may miss one session with the understanding that they will listen to the recording of the session and complete all of the exercises and assignments before attending the any subsequent training or coaching calls. If such a circumstance arises where you are absent for two or more sessions and/or you are not able to complete the work before the subsequent team coaching call, then we will need to meet to discuss alternatives which will include incremental costs to be paid to the trainer and coach at her hourly rate. 

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