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Meet Kendra

Certified Spiritual Life Coach & HD Manifestor

Kendra Dalhstrom has a wealth of experience leading teams, creating and leading Fortune 100 companies in marketing and communication strategies, and developing narratives to support their vision and mission through keynotes, internal and external presentations, marketing campaigns, and media appearances.


In her work as a consultant and coach, Kendra brings a unique combination of head and heart to her consulting and coaching. Together with her clients, they discover what is possible for them in their careers, business, and life. Our work might be developing speaking skills and stage presence for some clients. For others, it might be learning to identify where to spend their valuable time - only saying "yes" to what they believe will make a difference for their company or their career.

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Qualifications as an Executive Spiritual Coach

Kendra Dahlstrom has Certifications in multiple healing modalities, and you can click on the hyperlinks below to learn more about each of these programs she has studied & mastered.

Life coaching certification and spiritual coaching certification.

Advanced Coaching Certification


Reiki I &II

Animal Reiki

Clinical hypnotherapy

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