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Meet Kendra

Certified Spiritual Life Coach & HD Manifestor

Kendra Dahlstrom is an Executive and Spiritual Coach who brings 20 years of experience as a leadership development consultant and coach for Fortune 50 high- technology companies.

Kendra specializes in transforming senior leaders from the inside-out; improving communications, relationships, influence, and impact. Clients say her direct approach inspires trust, unearths root causes, and accelerates progress from a place of empathy. She is dedicated to her passion: evolving leaders to impact the bottom line.

Kendra does this in three distinct ways: supporting recalibration and/or leveling up in the current roles, driving brand affinity with executive presence and speaker coaching, and delivering programs to support individual and organizational behavior change.

Kendra has served as a senior executive coach and speaker trainer at the world’s largest online retailer. As director of leadership development at a global cloud service provider, she supported senior leaders to improve both leadership skills and team cohesion. As director of M&A at a global high- performance computing company, Kendra designed and delivered behavior-change programs for senior leaders and their teams to increase retention rates. All roles inspire her focus on elevating leaders to create intentional impact.

Kendra’s keen understanding of human behavior, coupled with her passion for empowering leaders, shapes her experiential approach. Her programs are designed to drive organic insights with space for immediate application. Kendra has also delivered scalable coaching and training programs to high-technology companies across all disciplines and job levels.

She is the founder of her own coaching practice and a popular health and wellness app, Soul Star Awakening. Her app provides purpose-driven professionals with on-demand access to healing treatments and manifestation meditations so they can experience more harmony, joy, love, and God-inspired flow in their lives.

Kendra holds a B.S. in Consumer Psychology from University of Arizona. She is a Professional Certified Coach, Speaker Coach, and Facilitator, and a certified Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Kendra is a native speaker of and comfortable facilitator in English.

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Qualifications as an Executive Spiritual Coach

Kendra Dahlstrom has Certifications in multiple healing modalities, and you can click on the hyperlinks below to learn more about each of these programs she has studied & mastered.

Life coaching certification and spiritual coaching certification.

Advanced Coaching Certification


Reiki I &II

Animal Reiki

Clinical hypnotherapy

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