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Kendra Speaks!

Awakening the purpose-driven to their potential and power.

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What to Expect

Kendra specializes in transforming audiences from the inside-out, whether it be through a keynote, a workshop, or a group event. 

Her life experience, coupled with her passion for promoting self-actualization in the name of our Creator, shapes her content, delivery, and approach. Kendra’s speaking inspires more trust in God, intimacy with self and God, and activation of changes to live more fully into your purpose. Her style is relatable, and her approach is practical with space for immediate insights and application.

Kendra, a survivor of severe trauma and abuse, is a strong voice for sovereignty and self-healing. When she speaks, she shares her personal lessons learned in her journey to cultivate a relationship with God and how that led her to discovering her true purpose, achieving self-actualization, and living a life with more freedom, peace, and joy.

Kendra is the founder of her own coaching practice and a popular health and wellness app, Soul Star Awakening. Soul Star Awakening provides purpose-driven professionals with on-demand access to healing treatments and manifestation meditations so they can experience more harmony, joy, love, and God-inspired flow in their lives.


Kendra’s mission is to help heal millions by bringing them closer to their true self and purpose as seen through the eyes of God. To help her achieve this, she primarily speaks at Health and Wellness, Healing Arts, and Women’s events. She does speak for select Corporations who are looking to heal their culture and/or teams a few times per year. If you are interested in having Kendra speak at your next event, please inquire at

“Come close to God, and God will come close to you.

~James 4:8 (NLT)

Partnership with Event Planners

Coming from two decades in Corporate, Kendra understands the importance of customer and audience experiences, and the vital role an Event Planner plays in that process. She views event planners and her audience as her “partners.” Kendra  is deliberate with her planning, customized content, and approach in order to help streamline the partnership experience.. Everything done is in service of the experience - making it memorable, valuable, and transformative for all.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Why Kendra?

She is a seasoned speaker. Kendra has served as a senior executive coach and speaker trainer at the world’s largest online retailer, and several Fortune 50 companies. She has spoken at national conventions and conferences, always receiving positive feedback on her content, delivery, and approach. 

Her purpose is to inform and inspire you. Kendra has lived a life of complex relationships, trauma, and abuse. Raised by agnostic and atheist partners, she stepped out and studied over 10 religions before landing on Christianity. She understands both the darkness and the light, and from a place of compassion helps inspire individuals and teams to find their light, shine it, and share it with others. 

She is an expert in self-actualization. Kendra has gone through over 1000 hours of training and coaching experiences. She knows what it takes to achieve self-actualization, and as a Professional Certified Coach she has helped hundreds of individuals attain it. 

She understands leadership challenges. She has supported senior leaders to improve both leadership skills and team cohesion during the pandemic. Post-pandemic, she delivered behavior-change programs for senior leaders and their teams to increase retention rates while other companies were losing employees. She understands that what got you where you are today is highly valuable, and that it may need to look different moving forward for you to keep your competitive edge.  

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