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Speaking for Corporate

Speaking for corporate

Corporations are struggling, cultures are broken, and leaders are unsure how to respond. Applying what has always worked in the past is no longer working. A new approach is desperately needed. Everyone can feel it. So why is it so hard to acknowledge and act on it?


Kendra customizes her talks so she speaks on the unique needs of the audience in support of the corporation, organization, event theme, and co-created desired outcomes. As an example, some of Kendra’s most requested topics for past keynotes and workshops are: The New Paradigm of Leading, Awakening Your Organization, and Leadership Starts With You.


Kendra’s keen understanding of human behavior, coupled with her passion for empowering leaders, shapes her experiential approach. Her speaking is designed to drive organic insights with space for immediate application. Kendra’s direct approach quickly  inspires trust, unearths root causes, and accelerates progress from a place of empathy. 


Common outcomes from hearing Kendra speak are: 


  • Improved communication for leaders, teams, and organizations

  • Strengthened relationships inside teams and across organizations

  • Increased influence

  • Expanded confidence

  • Increase in time to decision-making, agility, adaptability, and effectiveness


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