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Speaking for Health, Wellness, and God-Centered Living

We are in the midst of a Spiritual War.

The environment is changing, so we must adapt quickly. Moving closer to God is more important now than any other time I have experienced in history. Christians are being attacked, our freedoms are being attacked, and our children are being attacked. 


It’s not all lost though. We can choose to live differently. We can choose to adjust our life to spend more time with God in silence, prayer, and conversation. And, how we spend this time may look different than before. We must adjust to the times. 


Kendra customizes her talks so she speaks on the unique needs of the audience in support of the event theme and co-created desired outcomes. As an example, some of Kendra’s most requested topics for past keynotes and workshops are: Surrendering to Succeed, Awakening to Yourself, and Live into your Calling.


Her direct approach quickly  inspires trust, unearths root causes, and accelerates progress from a place of empathy and grace. 


Common outcomes from hearing Kendra speak, or attending one of her workshops: 


  • Increased intimacy with God, and practical tips on how to keep it that way

  • Strengthened relationships with self, God, and others 

  • Increased peace and calm 

  • Greater discernment and clarity on what is from God and what is not

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