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Being a mompreneur can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling journey, but an easy one, definitely no. Juggling a family, your creative passions, business demands and responsibilities isn't for the faint of heart. You have drive, dedication and a soul filled with hope open to growing as a leader in your business but you also have tons of questions that you don't want turning into dream crushing doubts. You may be feeling confused by so much expert advice floating around and skeptical about who to trust to help guide you. You know that you need support and encouragement but are not able to find that among your family and friends who are not pursuing an entrepreneurial path and goals. I have been there and what I realized was how important it was for me as a woman and mom to have a community that understood my concerns, helped me find answers that would allow me to stay true to myself and encourage me without judgment.

How Community Can Boost Your Business

Great things happen when women come together inside a community where a group of mom business owners can hang out together, brainstorming ideas, make plans, give gentle but constructive criticism and help each other succeed.

A community can: * Act as your sounding board when you have struggles and doubts about your latest product, pricing your services or need fresh new business ideas and strategies.

* Understand what it's like to run a business as a mom and business owner. We all face similar challenges and can understand each other better especially when it's shared in a safe space of like-minded women.

* Inspire you to follow your dreams but also stay grounded. As a mompreneur, you are driven by a sense of purpose and a passion to solve problems for others and a community can help you follow those dreams without getting burned out in the process. You can learn from other's experiences to stay grounded in your values and create a business plan and schedule that aligns with your lifestyle.

Finding the Right Community

You are probably reading this thinking "YES! I definitely see how a community can be a valuable part of my business and success but how do I find the right community?"

Simple, you ask other driven mompreneurs where they like to hang out in person and online like the Aspire To Be Community. I believe a community is a place to grow, where collaboration over competition provides a supportive place for everyone to thrive.

Aspire to Be's purpose is to fill the "gap" so we can scale our businesses while keeping our family first. It's about collaboration, crowd thinking, meeting with like-minded and driven females and learning to grow together. Basic membership is free. You will get access to topical blogs on business, tutorials from experts, personal development and more.

Watch my group welcome video to learn more

Does the AspireTo Be community sound like a good fit for you? Click HERE to learn more. We would be honored to have you join us and start supporting you in your mompreneur journey! For those of you who are experts in your field (coaching, wellness, nutrition, business, speaking, marketing, etc.) there is a Premium option to position you as an expert, thought leader, and promote your business via monthly cameos, monthly webinars/tutorials, and speaking opportunities at the in person event(s) happening in 2018. I hope this inspired you to see the importance and possibilities of how a community can help you flourish in your mompreneur journey. Have thoughts and feedback? Leave me a comment would love to hear from you!

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