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Photo Credit: Will Francis on Unsplash

“Vulernability is the Key to Successful Leadership”

A few months ago I met Sami Gardner in a Facebook Group of all places - a medium which is quickly proving to bring me fruitful relationships. In our discussions and getting to know each other we learned we have a lot in common regarding Entrepreneurship and our next gen views on Leadership. A few weeks later she invited me to be a guest on her The Career Kickstart Show. In this episode we talk about:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Why vulnerability is important for next-gen leadership

  • Three key things you can do today to nurture your leadership skills

  • How to balance it all as a working mom

So settle in, grab a cup of coffee and learn how you can leverage your good, bad and ugly to become an awesome leader.

For iTunes junkies you can access the podcast here. Hope you enjoyed this video! Be sure to leave me a comment, would love to hear your thoughts! To see another video, check this one out.

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