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"You attract what you are, not what you want."

- Anonymous


There is a reason each of us is born, and we must remove the layers of darkness in our souls to uncover those reasons. Investing in a coach to support you through your shedding process, so you can up-level your life and career, is a sage choice. 

Kendra Dahlstrom Spiritual Coach

Hello beautiful soul, 

It’s time to awaken to the truth about who you are, so you can live in eternal bliss. I believe we are each born for a unique reason, and most of us are not living our lives fulfilling that purpose. There are many reasons why this happens.  Most commonly it’s because of outside expectations from others that we must live our lives like everyone else. 


“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

-Jeremiah 29:11


The truth is…


  • You were divinely created, made in the image of pure divine love.  


  • You have unfathomable wisdom available to you through your own means and through a deep connection with God. 


  • Your higher self, the one who God made you to be, is ready for you to embody her.


Yet, these truths don’t always feel possible in our physical existence.  If your journey is anything like mine was, you may…


  • No longer feel like you have access to your inherent wisdom…and even wonder if you have any wisdom.


  • Not remember you are divine love and have access to divine love eternally.


  • Feel like you and your higher self are strangers or long-lost friends. 


  • Experience disappointment in yourself and wonder if God has forgotten you, because what you see as your potential, others don’t seem to see, and what you know is possible to achieve and accomplish, is not coming to fruition. 


Your love is brightest in the dark.


The good news is that I have the secret to fully awakening and activating your Soul Star chakra so you can forever be confident you are in alignment with God’s purpose and your higher self, accessing your inherent wisdom continuously, and living in and from a place of divine love for perpetuity. 

My proven method will help you achieve eternal bliss. Trust me…I’ve created this method for myself after a lifetime of trying “all the things,” studying spiritual masters, learning about neuroscience, and testing my own limits as I undid decades of sexual abuse and trauma.

Nicci Kliegl, Certified Life Coach, RN

Kendra and this program are phenomenal. Her strength is that she puts the power of God first. She is an inward looker, as is her spiritual coaching and services, so she doesn't force fit a process. She works with you to let Him lead in the way that aligns for you.

My approach simplistic and easy to implement because my app supports Soul Star chakra awakening, activation, and transformation in bite-size increments. It was designed this way because it fits into the nooks and crannies of the typical modern-day woman’s life full of busyness as she multitasks as an employee, mother or caregiver, a household manager, and her sovereign self. 


Other approaches and programs didn’t work for me completely, and here is why. 


  • They required too much time out of the gate, and so it added stress and overwhelm instead of taking stress and overwhelm away. 


  • They were not designed for ME.  A busy career mom, caregiver, wife of a full-time working parent, and active lifestyle enthusiast.


  • They were too broad in scope and focus.  They were not specific to what would uproot the source of my issue (lack of intimacy with myself, fear of full surrender to God, belief that I am of and in divine love always, believing I have access to all wisdom). 


What I needed was awakening and activation of my Soul Star chakra so I could catapult into my truest and highest self and purpose.


The overarching issue with other programs was that I was not learning how to stay present with the attunement of my brief meditations throughout the day.  The Soul Star Awakening approach teaches you how to get connected and stay connected. The practices are easy to consume, and essentially short rituals to help you build a routine over time. Clients tell me they no longer experience the soul-ache of spiritual disconnectedness, the shame of overwhelm, or pride of busyness. 

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Coaching with Kendra provided me with what I have been looking for. Kendra's warm and inspiring approach and faith-based tools have amplified my life so I can live out my calling from God and serve my highest purpose without being overwhelmed, stressed, or guilty. I recommend working with her to anyone considering it

Brenda Nona, Network Marketing Professional

Instead, they experience what is only possible through…

  • Deep connection with God and their higher self.

  • Surrender and trust in God, their inherent wisdom, and higher self.

  • Eradicating inner darkness.


The result is…

  • Empowerment and life force vitality for perpetuity.

  • Tranquility and peace as a constant vs. an exception. 

  • Ability to shine their light brighter, impacting others’ lives for the highest good.

My life was overwhelming. Being a CEO and a mom of 3 was hard. Since meeting Kendra I have been able to create a business and life that is very different from before. I have little stress, more joy, and I respond to the fear and overwhelm completely different than in the past. The tools Kendra shares are awesome and have been life-changing. This has allowed me to go inside to make changes and has impacted my business in a big way

Erin Shurtz, CEO of Mommi

Image by Andrew Neel

Still unsure? I get it.


We can both agree your purpose is to bring light into the darkness that overruns our world. Try the Soul Star Awakening 11-day Get Started Challenge for free. 




Meet Kendra

Executive Coach, Executive Speaker Coach, Holistic Practitioner, and Human Design Manifestor

Kendra specializes in transforming senior leaders from the inside-out; improving communications, relationships, influence, and impact. Clients say her direct approach inspires trust, unearths root causes, and accelerates progress from a place of empathy. 

She is the founder of her own coaching practice and a popular health and wellness app, Soul Star Awakening, which provides purpose-driven professionals with on-demand access to healing treatments and manifestation meditations so they can experience more harmony, joy, love, and God-inspired flow in their lives.

Kendra holds a B.S. in Consumer Psychology, and certifications in coaching, speaker coaching, facilitation, yoga, and reiki. She brings 20 years of experience working with senior leaders at Fortune 50 companies.

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